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This information note has been prepared pursuant to Article 10 of the Personal Data Protection Law no.6698 (“PDPL”) in order to inform you regarding the PDPL.

As Bank of China Turkey A.Ş. (“Bank of China”), we give utmost importance to the security of your personal data and take the measures provided by law in order to ensure the security of your personal data and to ensure that your personal data is acquired, kept and shared in compliance with the law.

Data Controller

Bank of China, may process, acquire, record, keep, update, classify amd, to the extent permitted by the law, share your personal data with third persons as the Data Controller pursuant to the PDPL.

Puposes and Legal Grounds For Processing Your Personal Data

Your personal data may be processed in order to provide the services related to all kinds of banking, finance, and if offered, insurance products including the products which may be offered by Bank of China in the capacity of an agency and to carry out, conduct and develop the operations related to such services; in case of your consent, to make offers and to conduct advertisement, marketing and campaign activities related to such services; to fulfill the agreements to which you or Bank of China is a party; to make intelligence and information researches and credibility assessments; to make planning, statistics and customer satisfaction studies; to provide security; to comply with the legislation regarding the prevention of laundering of crime revenues and other domestic and foreign legislation; to comply with information storage, reporting and informing obligations foreseen by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (“BRSA”), Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (“CBRT”), Capital Markets Institution (“CPI”), Financial Crimes Investigation Board (“FCIB”), Turkish Banking Association, Revenue Admistration (“RA”), Undersecretariat of Treasury ve other institutions and competent authoritites within the scope of the Banking Law no.5411 and other applicable legislation.

Sharing Of Your Personal Data

Your personal data may be shared with the third persons permitted by the Banking Law and other legislation; the administrative and official authorities with whom such share is legally required; the legally authorised institutions such as the BRSA, CBRT, CPI, RA, FCIB, Interbank Card Center, Turkish Banking Association, Undersecretariat of Treasury, executive and judicial authorities; the direct and indirect shareholders of Bank of China and domestic and foreign affiliates of such persons and of Bank of China; the suppliers from which Bank of China receives service; the legal entities with which Bank of China may have brokerage, agency or cooperation relationship; all kinds of support service institutions including the Credit Reference Agecy, FİNDEKS; the independent audit companies; the domestic and foreign payment instituation such as Mastercard INT. INC, Visa INT due to legal and/or contractual requirements and in each case, within the scope of legal restrictions.

Collecting Method Of Your Personal Data and Its Legal Grounds

Your personal data is collected, within the scope of the conditions and purposes of processing personal data set forth in Articles 5 and 6 of the PDPL and for the purposes mentioned above, when and to the extent it is applicable, from branches, ATMs, the internet branch and the call center, contractual dealers, companies the activities of which we conduct in the capacity of an agency or a broker, if any, applications made through websites, social media, customer interviews, scanning of judicial records, Post and Telegram Organization (“PTT”), Interbank Card Center, Credit Reference Agency, Identity Sharing System, Adress Information System, SMS, mobile applications, intelligence studies, POS device channels and all kinds of channels thorugh which Bank of China may interact with the customers through automatic or non-automatic means, in oral, written or electronic form and kept during the legally required term by Bank of China.

Your Rights Pursuant to Arcile 11 of the PDPL

You have the right (i) to learn whether or not your personal data has been processed, (ii) if processed, to request information, (iii) to learn the purpose of processing your personal data and whether or not they have been used in compliance with such purpose, (iv) to know the third persons resident and abroad with whom you personal data has been shared, (v) to demand correction if your personal data has been imcompletely or wrongly processed, (vi) to demand the deletion or the destruction of your personal data within the scope of the conditions set forth by Article 7 of the PDPL, (vii) to demand such correction, deletion or destruction to be informed to the third persons with whom your personal data has been shared, (viii) to object the negative consequences arising from the analysis of processed data exclusively through automatic systems, (ix) to demand compensation of the losses occured due to the unlawful processing of your personal data, by applying to Bank of China.

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